New humanities and social science research group „Resilience“ established at Trier University

The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) has granted funds for the Research Unit “Resilience – Periods of Upheaval in Society in the Dialogue between Mediaeval Studies and Sociology”

A new research group is being established at Trier University. Starting on 1 July 2016, scientists from Trier University will launch six research projects in the fields of Sociology and Medieval studies, represented by the involved disciplines of Medieval Philology, Legal History, and Medieval History. This Friday, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft has granted funding of the Research Unit “Resilience – Periods of Upheaval in Society in the Dialogue between Mediaeval Studies and Sociology”. The interdisciplinary research group led by Lukas Clemens, Professor of Medieval History and Auxiliary Sciences of History at Trier University, will investigate what makes actors and social units “resilient”, i.e. what enables them to react in a productive way to life-threatening upheavals and challenges.

The research work of the unit will focus on understanding to what extent the concept of resilience, which examines potentials of coping, adaptation, and transformation, can be transferred to analyses in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

“It is a great success that the research group, under the auspices of the Research Center Europe (FZE), has achieved funding of this quite relevant scientific issue. Not only does the FZE examine structures of long duration, it is even made of them as demonstrates their perseverance throughout the application process”, congratulated Professor Dr. Michael Jäckel, President of the University.


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In the initial three-year funding period the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft provides the four new groups with approximately 7 million euros in total. The research collaborations offer researchers the possibility of pursuing current and pressing issues in their research areas and of establishing innovative work directions.

You can access the press release here.


Prof. Dr. Lukas Clemens,

Dr. Carolin Retzlaff, Forschungszentrum Europa Universität Trier, , phone: +49 651/201 3314